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Текст песни Brethern


So you could tell me that you werent thinking the same thing just let it go it seemed okay then you never returned my calls why should I even bother nothing is going to happen you just sit by the phone thinkin every 3 seconds it will ring standin tonight up waiting and waiting for this child yeah and maybe were growing distany but she keeps pulling you in but I rememer the golden time so is that how it goes (? ) blow me away like the boat you see me as going further and further away from shore and your going bye bye her crystal eyes and maybe were growing distant or she keeps pulling you in she's got her own ways being there thats why blood is thicker then water so I thought I remember but I remember but looks like your too good for me let me tell you brother your nothing without me your were always there right by my side trying to be like me every day let me tell you again you always looked up to me for everything trying to be just like me find your own identity you always looked up to me for everything trying to be like me find your own identity

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