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G : GOODIE MOB : Soul Food

Soul Food
Текст песни Soul Food

Soul Food

1996. (soul food).
Eightball and mjg, goodie mob, crazy c
Bringing the soul food straight to you.
Sit down and get yourself a plate.

Get a plate of soul food, chicken rice and gravy.

(verse 1):
My old boy from the point. but I'm from southwest
And every now and then I get put to the test
But I can't be stopped, 'cause I gotta come true
Ain't go no gun. but I got my crew
Didn't come fo' no beef cause I don't eat steak
I got a plate of soul food chicken, rice and gravy,
Not covered in too much. drinking a cup of punch-
Tropical-every last thursday of the month

(big gipp):
Daddy put the hot grits on my chest in the morning
When I was sick, mary had the hot soup boiling
Didn't know why, but it felt so good
Like some waffles in that morning
Headed back to the woods
Now I'm full as tick. got some soul on blast in the cassette
Food for my brain. I haven't stopped learning yet
Hot wings from mo-joes. got my forehead sweating
Celery and blue cheese on my menu next

Southern fry won't allow my body to lie still
Tied face goons surround me like cancer
Drill me with second-hand obstacles
But, only to make matters worse
Plus, I'm getting pimped by this temp lady jackie
From optima: staffing figure. laughing
Shut up clown. don't talk to me like that
Looking stupid of course. living day by day
And you ain't hard trick? hell you say?

It's such a blessing when my eyes get to see the sun rise
I'm ready to begin
Another chance to get further away from where I've been
But I'll never forget
Every thing I went through, I appreciate the shit
Because if I had of went and took the easy way,
I wouldn't be the strong nigga that I am today
Every thing that I did, different things I was told,
Just ended up being food for my soul

Come and get yo' soul food, well well
Good old-fashioned soul food, all right
Everythang is for free
As good as it can be
Come and get some soul food

Sunday morning where you eating at?
I'm on 1365 wichita drive.
Old bird working the stove right?
Church's dripping chicken in yesterday's grease
Didn't go together with this quart of mickey's
Last night hanging over from a good time
Yeah, beef is cheaper,
But it's pumped with red dye between two pieces of bread
Shawty look good with them hairy legs
Wish I could cut her up, but my stomach come before sex
A house full of hoes. now what's the ingredient:
Spaghetti, plus her monthly flow

They know they making it hard on the yard
Fuck chris darden! fuck marsha clark!
Taking us when we're in the spotlight for a joke
Changing by the day. I see it's getting bigger in my square
Looking at lenox from the outside
With a stare. no money to go inside
Tameka and tiffany outside tripping and skipping rope
To the beats from my jeep
As I speak, what's up from the driver seat

A heaping helping of fried chicken,
Macaroni and cheese and collard greens
Too big for my jeans
Smoke steams from under the lid that's on the pot
Ain't never had a lot. but thankful for the little that I got
Why not be? fast food got me feeling sick
Them crackers think they slick
By tryin to make this bullshit affordable
I thank the lord that my voice was recordable
For soul food

Come an get your soul food well well..

(big gipp)
Hold up c. it's what I write
And miss lady, acting like we in jail
Says she ain't got no extra hush puppies to sell
Bankhead seafood making me hit that door with a mind full of attitude
It was a line at the beautiful
Jj's ribshack was packed too
Looking to be one of them days when mama ain't cooking
Everybody's out hunting with the family
Looking for a little soul food

Come and get yo' soul food, well well
Good old-fashioned soul food, all right
Everythang is for free
As good as it can be
Come and get some soul food

I got the fever for some ham hocks
Hit the spot with hot spaghetti
Some kool aid with three or four rolls and grape jelly
The same old prejudice folks from 65
It's 1996. (where they at? ). they still alive
Hell, I'm giving you a dose of my knowledge with hot gravy
Jimmy swager, reverend ike and his wife: they couldn't save me
A buttered toast midnight snack with cold water
Too late to thaw the chicken and cook it, so I ain't bothered
Damn this last little helping of ham and christmas dressing
Got me in the middle of february counting my blessings
Like that government cheese in that no name box,
Keep me locked when I done ate all the beans in the pot
Them old school hot mo cakes and mash potatas,
Helps keep my radar strong for infiltratas
From the days of my diapers 'til the day I'm old,
I'll be soaking up the game. can you feel my soul?

Eightball coming funki as a pot of chitlins
Soul feeder with the lyrics I be spittin
Getting lifted. gifted
God is my father. glory is my mother:
The baked chicken smotherer
Filling me to capacity when I was younger
Sprinkle me like suga t, so I wouldn't have to wonder
About life; about the streets that I walk up and down
Grab a pen, and let it take me out of orange mound
Far away, I spend my days chuffing hay
Got inner city blues, but I'm not marvin gaye
Pray. trying to find another way to make some pay
Mom says [that] without a job, her baby can't stay
Gots to go, now I'm gone. hard foes
No food for the soul. this place is so cold
Eightball and mjg, moe bee
Space age soul food for your babies

Come and get yo' soul food, well well
Good old-fashioned soul food, all right
Everythang is for free
As good as it can be
Come and get some soul food

Cause I don't eat steak.

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