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G : GOODIE MOB : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни I. C. U

I. C. U


I.c.u do you see me, I'm staring at cha' (x4)

Before you got on, I could a hear a pins drop
Maybe make me wanna clean out your clock
Go in your socks, confiscate your knot
Cool you off, because you think your hot, when your not
Fools on the block, will take your hand, brigettes and rocks
And your watch
Can't wait until you come through
One more 'gain so they can empty your bins
Check your chin, don't try and be my friend
Get close and then attempt to do me in
Niggas know you'll spin, we can get on that henn, eyes shut
Can't touch
We don't care nothing 'bout you doing ten, up in the pen
We ain't finna be mothering 'bout nobody
Cause we motherfucking grown men

Hook (x2)

Whats on your mind at this time
Chilling fine, sip back on wine
Everything dope and scoping mine
Like it's yours, opening doors to a future you can see
Really, dungeon family crew'll legendate
No catching guard presence in southwest
And everybody who believe we the best and never gonna stop
Never gonna change, try to stay focused
Still running with the same crew since 82'
All I gotta do to ? convince kids is say you'll all get big too?

Hook (x2)

(big gipp)
How you doing miss thang
Better yet should I say miss queen
I saw you in the corner, and you was looking off
Your smelling classic baby
I'd like to hold it snug
Lets cut a rug and split this scene and strut up out this club
I be 'bout strictly business
I make it better, get it better than the last dude
Where I hang ain't no drama momma
I reserved the bed behind the curtains
Keep it wet, keep you stuck, all up on the jewels
And keep you seeing colors like on the wall at mjq


You wanna know how a nigga from the gutter ghetto so butter-fly
Its really on, and really I want is a moment alone
Baby please, it ain't your cheese, and ? ? ? I'm interested
But thats on low-low, but I'd love and die til' the morn'
Every word that I'd heard her say it really inspired me
But I'm only staring cause I like what I see
But I know that you probably got a girl, and already in love
Maybe next life-time you'll be free


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