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Текст песни Get Outta Town

Get Outta Town

I'm tellin' you once
And I ain't kiddin' 'round
You got two weeks to get outta town.
Gonna give you two weeks
'till I break out the plow
And set the scarecrow free
From his stake in the ground.
So long!
Roll on.
The plow is greased
And it's ready to crease -
Better get outta town.

Tell me, daddy,
Are you happy now?
Got yer back to the wall,
One kick sends you down.

That old black magic
Has spun silk in my head.
It's much too late to turn back what's been done and said.

No kind of cash
Deflects the lash.
If you chose to play -
There's hell to pay.
Are you happy now?

The alarm's been set
For the monkey and pet.
You got two weeks 'till -

I know that a man's
Gotta make his ends meet,
But you soiled your sheets.

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