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G : GONE JACKALS : Blue Pyramid

Blue Pyramid
Текст песни Business as Usual

Business as Usual

Well, it is such a useless waste
Filing all those folks away
But it's business as usual, today.

See, they were tryin to get over
On a market that s been cornered
(carved by ol joe kennedy, and his like).

It doesn t have to be this way,
The stigma s built to tilt the play.
It doesn t have to be that way.

Between lorrilard and escobar
The difference is who writes the laws
When genocide s a racket in itself.

There is no debt to be fulfilled
By making people criminals
And turning loose the damned instead.

The competition
Is made the villain.
This market s covered
By bad muthas.

It doesn t have to be this way.
I hope I m free to see the day
When business ain t so usual - one day.

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