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G : GONE JACKALS : Blue Pyramid

Blue Pyramid
Текст песни Barrel of Crabs

Barrel of Crabs

I was born there,
Before I knew better.
Went to school there,
But learned to avoid that.
Fell in love there,
But love couldn t thrive there.
Picked it up
And I left it behind, said -

Man, alive!
Get me out of this barrel of crabs.

Most our homes were
Depressed by division.
What passed for friendship
Was really protection .
Any work there
Disolved into trouble.
Ate me up,
Livin life on the bubble, said -

Man, alive!
Get me out of this barrel of crabs.

Everytime I d gain some ground,
Another man s scheme would just pull me back down.
Everytime I spied the top.
The next poor sucker s there to give me the drop.

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