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G : GINO VANELLI : Slow Love

Slow Love
Текст песни Lost & Found

Lost & Found

I was lost then I was found your love has turned my
Life around
You gave me hope when hope was running low
I was dead now I'm alive your faith allowed me to
You touched my life when I was touch and go

I tripped the light fell into a trance
I tendered the song in my soul for dime and a dance
A line of tears a stash of shame
A fool lost in a losing game this whole life through
'til there was you


I lost my heart my head my watch and my will
Enchanted by lawyers in love and a little white pill
A king a clown a falling star
For rich for poor still there you are God only knows
I love you so


A king a clown a falling star
For rich for poor still there you are
A rush a ride a rock a rave
A dead man walking on the waves
A life the only love could save


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