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Текст песни Leap Frog

Leap Frog

Now there is no reason to be sorry
For letting me in on things you couldn't say before.
We've got short time use it wisely forever's moving in each day.
The rains falling more and more.
Times closing all our doors.

And I cant wait till you come
And say I like the way your hair falls in place.
Cause day by day seasons tend to fade
And goldness turns to gray.
There's small time to say what could have all been said yesterday.

Now I cannot see what you are thinking.
I see just us sitting on your brick red porch.
Remember nights when I was singing hold
And you laughed on the floor in the am half past four.
That's what I adored.

I'm throwing down your door.
Words never said before.
Those star shirts that you wore.
I wish you'd see.
I'm turning blue with thoughts of me
And you not wanting to argue.
Don't let phones ring.
Pick up so I can breathe to sing...

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