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G : GHOSTFACE KILLAH : The Pretty Toney Album

The Pretty Toney Album
Текст песни Holla


(feat. Allah Real)

[Ghostface Killah]
I'm from a place where fish was made
Cordoroy Baley's, sportin' those Rakim caves
Rakeem came, high self asteem promised me
A moment in life, just to wreck yall lames
Throw the Tec to your brain, puttin' the best to shame
This is Theodore, best to tuck those Dana Dane's
See me comin' (blaow!) start runnin' and (blaow! blaow!)
Aiyo... (blaow! blaow! blaow!)
Who them fly niggaz when we walk through the party
Pimp talk with the Mac strapped to our body
Bartender's nervous, afraid to serve us, bad service
Un-smacked him on purpose and see this drunk come and berp us
Paper chasers, Starky stayed up in the makings
Theodore conquer the four devils wit the patience
Cellphones is blowin', the crews not available
Ask 'Donna, word in the town, we the realest dudes
We don't need no diamonds rings
All we need is a drum, like, fuck it, he can rhyme, I'll sing
And in my Yankee hat, you can drop five beans
And then run back to momma, like, all I know is..

[Chorus: Allah Real]
Holla holla holla.. if you want to, I love you (I love you)
Holla holla holla if you want to, I love you (I love you)

[Ghostface Killah]
When I walk through any function
You bet your ass that the 4/5'll cook, fuck your wack looks
Fuck platinum, fuck, let me show ya'll crooks
This is legit rap, I.R.S. can suck my books
I'm a family man, Clan mixed with Theodore
My boots hang over the telephone wires on Broad'
Word to MetLife, Tony got insurance on his mics
Smoke mad shit and still got endurance when he fight
Both hands clusty, bank account dusty!
Ever, say, my name, again, you pussy!
Like, an angry, cripple, man, don't push me!
Don't believe the kid, listen to me..


[Ghostface Killah]
Dirty told me to rock the spot (yeah)
Freak the beats cuz the streets is raw (go 'head)
Don't believe what you see, just watch (true)
Speak to the seeds, give 'em lead on jobs (come on)
Educate, keep it peace wit Gods (that's right)
In return, happiness in globs (yeah)
We see the future like a psychic's palm

[Allah Real]
The things I'm saying are true
And the way I explain them to you, yes to you
Listen to me


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