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G : GEORGIA SATELLITES : Georgia Satellites

Georgia Satellites
Текст песни The Myth of Love

The Myth of Love

Oh, the myth of love
Like some new best friend
The bright promise of tomorrow
And tomorrow without end
Oh but I should know better
Life is no wishing well
Yeah there's a story here baby
But it's so hard to tell

You might say that innocence
Is my only crime
And the myth of love
Walks a thin hard line

Well I hear you talkin'
But I just don't want to talk about it now
I can't seem to find my way back, way back down
I get no surprises
I get no soft and lonely
Watch your pretty blue eyes
As they turn on me

You might say that blindness
Is my only crime
And the myth of love
Is a light that will not shine

Oh baby hold me close
So I cannot breathe
Hold me close to this sweet earth
So I cannot leave it
Oh the myth of love
Like some clarion call
It could save us save us one and all

You might say that innocence
Is my only crime
And the myth of love
Laugh and spins the hands of time
And I said the myth of love

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