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G : GARY NUMAN : Sacrifice[Extended Mixes]

Sacrifice[Extended Mixes]
Текст песни Love & Napalm

Love & Napalm

Call me deadliner
Nothing in here but dust.
Are you afraid dear listener?
Nothing in here but us.

I'll give you black rumours
'stay away from everything I've seen.'
I'll give you black rumours
'stay away from everyone I've been.'

The broken sound of love and lies
Still fill your room.
Faded memories of shame
Will find you soon.

I'll give you corrosion
Miracles are never what they seem
I'll give you corrosion
Welcome to the nightmare, not the dream.

I can remember everything.
Every promise, every lie,
And how the words of strangers made me cry.
All the pride, all the shame,
All the friends that came from nowhere
And then hurried back again.
I collected scars like a man at war
And I thought 'isn't life peculiar,
Desire takes you there, but not back.'
No more. I'm just another old story.

When God heard your prayer
It said 'i am not your friend.'
Laughed like a fallen angel
And said 'I've no love to send.'

It keeps a photograph
It likes to overdose on time
It said 'time to leave'
Like other friends of mine.

I'll give you dark wonders
You are all invited to the show.
I'll give you dominions
You are all invited to the show.
I'll give you dead hereos
You are all invited to the show.
I'll give you love and napalm
You are all invited to the show.

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