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G : GARY NUMAN : Metal Rhythm

Metal Rhythm
Текст песни Hunger


Tell you a story
'bout a friend of mine
Woke up in this room
Looked like... black and white movies

No light
And someone strange in the bed
She said
You could be here forever

Can you feel me?
I'm the new disease
I'm like a hunger
That you've never known

Do you want me?
I'll take everything
I'm like a hunger
Lying in your heart

He made excuses
Tried to leave the room
She said
I'm the disease and the cure

Skin mechanics
Couldn't help you here
The nature of need
Leaves you junk sick and lonely

Trick it up
Trick it up good

She moved
Like a ghost to the door
She said
This is a re-al love story

I heard his voice
And walked in on it all
She said
You could be here forever

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