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G : GARY NUMAN : Exile

Текст песни Dead Heaven

Dead Heaven

Thought I was asleep
Lost to dreams
I was dying in a big machine
Didn't think the voice that called me
Could be real.

Thought I woke up
Lost my faith
I was staring at the face of rage
Didn't think I'd see the demon in his heart.

Thought I saw blood
Turn to wine
A vision from the angel wars
Didn't think I'd find the saviour in the dark.

Thought I saw a light
Tear the storm
Showing me the way to god
Didn't know that heaven died and went to hell.

Blessed is dead heaven
Blessed are shadows and pain
Blessed is dead heaven
Blessed is death in his name

Thought I saw rain
Black and cold
Falling on a child's grave
Thought I saw an angel laugh and piss on it.

Thought I saw a dance
Strange and cruel
Swaying to the screams of men
Thought I saw the lord's disciples laugh at that.

Thought I saw love
Mary under three wise men
Thought I saw the virgin look at me and cry.

Thought I saw a cross
And jesus dead
Burning in the midnight sky
Thought I saw God dancing in the flames.

Glory is dead heaven
Glory is shadows and pain
Glory is dead heaven
Glory is death in his name

Do you confess?
Cleanse your sin
Do you believe in the word of god?

Welcome to dead heaven
Welcome to shadows and pain
Welcome to dead heaven
Welcome to death in his name

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