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Текст песни Offer My Peace

Offer My Peace

Offer my peace to this love
Offer my peace to the world

When you feel life as no meaning
And your love has lost it's feeling
Turn your face into sunlight
Come together let us both try

To offer our peace to this love
Like I offer my peace to the world
And when it's complete take the love from my palm
Cause it's the key for us to make love

Breath the air that's making you laugh
Shelter here and watch the sun rise
The longer it takes the more the meaning
The further away the far I believe in

And when we reach that place that we know so well
And it feels like we're gonna, gonna make it hapen
Only time will tell and the faces of the night
Cause it feels like we're gonna make it happen
Only time will tell and the forces of the night
Cause it feels like we're gonna make it happen
Make it happen
Me and you

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