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G : GANGSTA BOO : Enquiring Minds

Enquiring Minds
Текст песни Oh No

Oh No

1 - (oh no) when at the club, when at the club
When at the club, we get so bumped
We try to tear up some shit

(oh no) when at the club, when at the club
When at the club, we get so bumped
We try to tear up some shit

(oh no) when at the club, when at the club
When at the club, we get so bumped
We try to tear up some shit

(oh no) when at the club, when at the club
When at the club, we get so bumped
We try to tear up some shit

[gangsta boo]
Oh no, you can't
Misses gangsta boo comin' atcha
Wit niggas guaranteed to wet your fuckin coochies, watered up
We be the roughest, my team be the buckest, my team be the quickest
Makin' you say what the fuck was it? !
Who that be? where she at? we besta get her, yo!
Triple 6, gangsta boo, why don't you come & get me ho? !
Bet y'all niggas on the payroll, ready to swat you baby
Slice & dice your ass like some fruit wit a chrome machetti
I hope you ready to see freddy in your fuckin' dreams
Make believe shit come true, know what I mean nigga?
I'm outta control like a fucked up roller coaster ride
Let me get high, thought you mothafuckas died (nigga)
I be the mindless, shoot bitches, when I flow
I don't give a fuck 'cause ya hatin'
What the fuck for?
You do not pay me
Neither do you break me
Hypnotize comin' for real
We paper chasin'

Repeat 1

(oh no) I'm sick & tired of playin' wit these fuckin' hoes
All my life I seen friends turned another fuckin' foes
If a nigga out to sea, what the fuck you get back?
A group of niggas sellin' ? dolo? 'caine
Talkin' 'bout how you back
I make the bullets that ? like...
Don't believe me? test me jack
*brrap, brrrrap brrap brap*
You better be nimble, you better be quick
When this fuckin' forty click
It's gonna be cold in your partna's house
Wit hoes in your doors bitch

Ain't a killa, ain't a nigga, by the scrilla
But a hustla, I'm by the struggle
Keepin' the trouble, kickin' doors
Guns to brang
Slangin' 'caine
In the snow, or in the rain
I'm gon' maintain
In the street, or on the strip
I'm makin' grips
Shakin' dice
The cheese, I flip
I pimp a bitch
Runnin' combs, on cellular phones
I'm in your home
Put them toes, up in your face
So now it's on

Repeat 1

Ha, I got ? ? flicks
Yes, on the c-b set cassette
Make you deaf, ? ha, if you bitches wanna flex
Catch a neck ? bent
Like some missed up out your chest
>from the ? chest
Many bitches I been sexed
By the lord & this ?
Rock a mic up off stage, if it's cordless
Yes, love the gangsta way I test
Take three thousand x
I smoke the dope up in my chevy
Hit the head rest
Kill 'em all, by the three 6 multiplicity, no sympathy
Namin' startin' from the c-b-q
Be from this infa-mee
I rip it ?
? ya pretty styles & sympathies go mentally?
Make a believer ? ? , put it on the show, they called it rippley
So picture the
Sucka who chuckles wit buckles will really catch the knuckles
Cuz hoes will duct tape you with ? you ain't got the muscle
I leave you stiffened on the curb, make ya head like ? ?
You don't want no posse ? ? ?

They don't want it
Fatal put the pump to your stomach
Hittin' you up wit shots
Give you reasons to run with
The dumbest, ain't nothin' these cats get game from
It's the verbal verdict
It's venom, I'm dissin' 'em by the hundreds
Train gas, tryin' to seal you in the rep-tain gap
Hussein foul
Put it in that apple
Shit, you playin' now?
>from memphis to your city
My fo-fo pretty
Lil' gold from sheezy
Put the ? to your kitty
Fuck wit hussein & thugs
That's your brain on drugs
I bring the pain wit slugs
Don't get slain then plug
You'll get popped off
Block wit hot shots, and dropped off
I spot y'all, when I popped mines off
It's them outlaws in three 6, y'all can't do shit with
That slick shit, sheisty, nasty, new brick, mix shit
I'm tellin' you, you my man, I'm holdin' back from shellin' you
Screw my plans
And i'mma be pourin' out liquor, smokin' an l for you

Shuttle control, shuttle control...

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