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F : FINLEY QUAYE : Spiritualized

Текст песни Chad Valley

Chad Valley

Her name was suzy
Met her in a jacuzzi
Nearly twice my age
She had a son my age
From sepultura
To bali
I'm made of metal
I was born in a desert
And I haven't seen water for years
Her kawasaki
Runs on saki
You can burn rubber but it takes a while
She tooka quarter mile with a smile

You don't phone me
You don't answer my call
I don't want to lose you
For lollapalooza
You and me
On tv

I love you smile
Tribal war
We're not into that
National tabloid
National front line
Watch your business
Mind your business

I signed with sony
You ride a pony
You wear stilettos
Check your history
I love to burn weed
Learn to love electro
Can't find no cooks on a sunday
Gonna take some of this money
And open up my own chicken run
Ital is vital
Use your fork
You know bjork
You know new york
Bathe in the dark
You can point out a shark
You test me
Talk to you manana
You are my familiar
Walk with you tomorrow
I don't know who's got a bigger trigger
But I don't think of myself as a pcp lsd thc
Yes mister t come make a track with me
You don't phone me
You don't answer my call say
You'll embarrass me
And I just laughed at you

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