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F : FIGHTSTAR : Grand Unification

Grand Unification
Текст песни Grand Unification (Part 2)

Grand Unification (Part 2)

(Mankind has always wondered about the kind of universe it lives in. Mankind has always indulged in
creation myths as far back as recorded history goes, and it's just human nature to want to understand the
universe we live in, where it came from, what it is now and where it's going.)

With all apologies you wake me up,
You hold the porcelain to take me home.

Hold my hand until the waves come,
Hold my hand until the waves come.

This is our last, take care love,
It won't stop, it won't stop a thing.

With all apologies you wake me up,
You hold the porcelain to take me home.

HOld my hond until the waves come,
The waves come,
Just hold my hand until the waves come around.

(Well, the Einstein equations are sort of the Mount Everest of thoretical physicsand - you know - we
want to get to the top; we want to be able to make Einstein's equations routine to solve. We would like
to have undergraduates be alve to solve Einstein's equations routinely. MIght as well have grade school
kids doing it becasue - you know - the physics is intuative. Grade school kids know about Black HOles
and they might want to know: "Well, gosh, what happens if I drop a Black Hole in a Black Hole?")

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