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F : FIEND : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Only a Few

Only a Few

[master p]
Yo, see them out there
Yo fiend, fuckin mafiaso
If your fucking with no limit
Fiend, big ed, master p and silkk
You fucking with the best
You don't want to fuck with the best
Yo mucha

I only fuck with a few
You never know what these niggas'll do
You better choose careful who you call your crew
And do a review on these bitches, before you call em your boo x2

You never know what's goin on with
Some of these hungry ass niggas arrested
And what you got, never allowed the chance to touch it
Was it obvious that nigga ain't die
He was in from the begginning had a piece of the pie
Cause in his eyes, cold like chicago weather
Birds of a feather fuck over together, that's forever
The only change, they accepted when I got him killed
Well they all a time for real over a dollar bill
So now you feel that all street family ain't yours
Recieving cuts and sores because you opened your pores
These niggas ride like volvos, and we ain't talkin bout these whores
Give a section of the beach, nigga surfers gotta swim ashore
If you need more, then take this notion with my devotion
Remember jealousy is a wasted emotion.

Chorus x2

[master p]
I'd rather die hustling then be broke and lonely
Cause most of these niggas out here be phony
Find me on the street corner living my life fast
[big ed]
Remember take a bullet for your homie
[master p]
That's my nigga big ed
[big ed]
See this tru shit nigga I'm a kill for it
When the rents due, ya know I'm a steal for it
Take a ride with my homies if I have to
Keep your eyes on your enemies cause they'll blast you
[master p]
And momma sheds tears cause my homies seen that
Nigga gangbang seen tru up on my chest
To my niggas in jail, stay strong doin time
I thank the lord for taking me out the ghetto with these rhymes
Blood stains on the street cause this ghetto life's a bitch
And thats a shame cause it's bound to change once a niggas rich

Chorus x2

[silkk the shocker]
Come take a ride at, before the game begins
I seen niggas die bad, and they die for pennies
Cant trust nobody seen around my way
Niggas dead, and that's why they ain't around today
See penetentaries, they ain't no place for me
I tell my mom don't trip, just pray for me
And to all the slugs from niggas that have hate for me
Tell my lady I'll take two years don't even wait for me
And see, you never get a second chance to live a first life
That's why I ball till I fall and live the first right
So even though I thug with them, I still ask these niggas
I've seen alot of cold shit, ? ? ? ? ? been home test if I get ya
I only ride with niggas that I test the water with
Niggas I slang quarters with, slaughter shit, spent the hardest shit
Only trust a few, only trust a few
You fakes, I can't even fuck with you

Chorus x2

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