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Текст песни Freeloader Freddy

Freeloader Freddy

Freeloader freddy got a cold chevy nova
Where he got the papers-don't know.
Got a line on sweet act, sheer heart attack
We're sticking close to the floor

How you feel, all right now
I'm king of the road
How you feel, red lights fading
King for an hour, I need another.

Freeloader freddy knows all the ladies
Standing on the corner downtown.
Doing lines off the dash, own private stash
Oh, the word is getting around.


I'm taking my time making it mine
I've got some people to see.
And you want to play, you got to pay,
Yesterday it used to be free.


Assorted ad libs:
It's all right, come on babe,
Freeloader freddy, oh yeah
Ooh ooh ooh

Some words are definately wrong!

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