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F : FAKTION : Faktion

Текст песни Maybe


Times like these are dangerous
And I've noticed
You speak with your agenda
I never knew you, You're lost
I'm so afraid to keep you
And it might be my demise, But I see
It in your eyes
It's something that I need
Even if you take it from me
Maybe I'll be fine
Maybe I'll be better than yesterday
Maybe I'll take time
To understand the place
Where you left me
Maybe I'll be right
But you wont remember
You heard it a different way
So I'll take mine
And walk away
Times like these are worried
And yet it seems
You focus on the means
You couldn't seem to level off
And take the time to be here
Well it might be my demise
But I see it in your eyes
It's something that I need
Even if you take it from me
Selling out your friends
As you come to me
But you were selling me out to them
And now I dream without you
Just walk away

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