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E : ERIC B. & RAKIM : Don't Sweat The Technique

Don't Sweat The Technique
Текст песни Keep The Beat

Keep The Beat

She asked could I keep the beat
So here's the beat, everytime it pounds, you get weak
Comfy, imbedded like a pillow, bouncin wit an echo
My voice is moist, and plus mellow
I got it going on, you're gonna wanna come
Skins is the drum, (I) said I'm the drummer, give the drummer some
And we'll see if you can hang wit ra
Hm, let's see if you can shangri-la
Easy ...like tina marie I play it slick
Like rick james, I'm the fire in your desire's flames;
I heat up your temperature, keep the tempo raw
When you start to smoke, rest assured
I start to think 'cause you're a singer like anita
High pitched like a tweeter, deep beats start to beat her
Much harder than love taps, my rap's above that
I get girls where I want wit a maze full of lovetraps
But I don't want to fall in love
I stand in love, good balanced wit a plan to shove
Accapella as we start to speak
Heart to heart and cheek to cheek then I complete the beat

Tempo's moving and I'm hoping it'll never fade away...
The beat is grooving, words are soothing and please tell me that you're here
To stay
In the morning and I'm hoping the morning come again
Hold me close and give me another dose and
Keep the beat don't ever let it end

She said, ah, so far, you didn't miss a beat yet
Pop in another cassette, then I'm in to wreck
I'll give you a beat you never had before,
I had to explore and came up wit more
Deep trunk kicks wit a brick for a drum stick
You know the song, don't hum along, come quick
You lay like sade, it feels like paradise
At the top of the pyramid, we review new heights
The scenery of egypt, you and me as we get
So deep in the groove, when you move, you get seasick
You seen enough, close your eyes and relax
Move wit the tracks and stay tuned for the sax
The instrumental, enters your mental..
Tense but gentle and, sentimental,
Accapella as we start to speak
Heart to heart and cheek to cheek then I complete the beat


She wanted the extended version
So I kept splurging and add more words in;
Strong: the emotion, notions move and
The poetry's smoking, potions soothing,
There goes the moon, I'm far from done,
Rise like the sun, here comes the sun
And I won't stop 'till it sets and then
Rewind the cassettes and I'm a play it again;
But this time it's instrumental at a faster tempo
All I wanna hear is yea rakim, go!
I work overtime on your body and mind
'cause I'm incline to do both combined
My job is never done but done well
Horizontal or parallel
Accapella as we start to speak
Heart to heart and cheek to cheek then I complete the beat


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