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E : ELVIS COSTELLO : Punch The Clock

Punch The Clock
Текст песни The Greatest Thing

The Greatest Thing

Everyone stopped when she walked into the room
Isn't this the greatest thing
Everyone own up but nobody could touch her
Isn't this the greatest thing
Punch the clock keep boxing clever
You'll be young enough for ever
Isn't this the greatest thing
Isn't this the greatest thing
I heard some new confection
Said we can't afford to feel affection
And it's the lastest thing
In and out of matrimony
Never once removed the sony
'cos it's a status thing
So girls like that above described
Are not to be so easily bribed
With a white frock and a ring
Punch the clock and in time you'll get pulled apart
If you're married on paper and not in your heart
But I won't be told that life with the one you love is sordid
Just because some authority says you can't afford it
Since nights were long and days were olden
Woman to man has been beholden
But since then times have been changing
She sends back his tribute of a rose
And says this ring is better suited for the nose
He's always fingering
I punch the clock and it's ok
I know a girl who takes my breath away
And it's the greatest
And it's the greatest thing

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