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E : ELLIS PAUL : Say Something

Say Something
Текст песни Washington Dc 5/91

Washington Dc 5/91

Politician and a stewardess
Underneath the monuments and the moon
He talked of national security
She talked of paris in june

The lucky ones if they're out tonight
Can see cherry blossoms blooming
Or ride white carriages beneath city lights but lincoln's eyes of stone stare cool
As if bored of the reflecting pool
Or hardened by what's hidden from his sight they're rioting in the capitol tonight...

Now the joneses from poughkeepsie
Rest mall-weary legs in the hotel pool
They're soaking up reflections
The kids are glad they're out of school
The museums were overcrowded
White house lines were much too long
But the sights, they were quite beautiful it's good to know where the tax money's gone...
New light on your halo

Welcome to the city where we're rich on pride and pity where a schoolboy, just a fool
Boy, gets shot down in daylight a state of shock, a face down on the sidewalk who's
Seeing God and gets the nod to heaven like a hawk who keeps the score when the city goes to war -- by guns, by deaths, by money?
A man in a black coat standing in the gun-smoke sips on white milk and honey...


This can be the playground of the feeble where the mindless mix the soil of play with evil a child becomes the means because innocence is believable to all, to all, to all, but their mother's ey
W light on your halo

And it ain't shining brightly

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