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E : ELLIS PAUL : Say Something

Say Something
Текст песни Look at The Wind Blow

Look at The Wind Blow

I'm only seventeen, but I want much more than a small town girl should bargain for
More than standing in one place, waiting for the next james dean I live in a town that's
Gripped in the Bible belt man, I bared my back and I took the welts I only pray to get out of here

Maybe someday I'll find out if the world is green

(chorus) there is nothing to do in this town at night but sit in my car and watch the streetlights
Or stare out the window at the pizza joint what's the point? I wish I could buy my ford a sail

Hey, hey, look at the wind blow

Now the life of the local beauty queen is tied to the captain of the baseball team
They got a baby on the way at least that's what the kids are saying and the wedding I'm told, well it must take place
To save both families from disgrace but the whole town knows you see, it ain't like she's not showing...


Tommy bates sits in his car and he waits for his girl down at lucky's diner
They're at the end of the loop and he's drinking soup while she puts on more eyeliner
I passed them once, and I'll pass them twice, and I'll pass them back again they bought an old range rover from the next town over
And their headlights are my friends, yeah, those headlights are my friends...

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