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Текст песни Changing Your Name

Changing Your Name

I judged the distance
To where you ran your hand through your hair
You were startled for an instant , you said,
Take me home, and I paid the fare.

And you laughed the laugh of the innocent
As the cab cut a path in the street
As the world swept by with it's violence
I thought of the shelter we'd find in the sheetsЎ­
In the sheets

I never asked you for nothing like changing your name
I believed we had something here, but nothing ever came
Were you thrown by the language, by words that we said
When I told you I loved you
Did it get in the way? get in the way?

You lit a candle,
Then you poured me a glass of port wine
I pulled the oven handle,
The air felt warm, the scent felt kind

And your kiss could heal like medicine
There ain't nothing that it can't overcome
But I could not lean on this evidence,
For fear you'd take the cure and run.
You would run...


Cause love won't stop to
Think about the consequences
Turns a fool to stumbling
Over people's fences.

And the moon cut a frown over windy town
But you smiled as you pulled down the shade
And we turned a corner onto holy ground
And got lost in the love we made, that we made...


Get in the way...

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