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E : EARTH, WIND & FIRE : In The Name of Love

In The Name of Love
Текст песни Revolution


Maurice white, sonny emory, morris pleasure & sir james bailey

Change been da same
Growing pains
Since love begun da game
Thangs do they thang
Through the strain
To the plane they're born to be
Harmony of diversity
Sing responsibility
(from you & me)
Stand for yours!
Unite humanity
(for you & me)

Know (grow show)
Pure love
Revolution just evolution
This war zone is not a home
Grow and show
Pure love
Revolution just evolution

Bless our sisters, fathers,
Mothers, brothers, (steve bikos)
Who press us ahead of schools
Taught us right been
Condemned to win
And said keep the golden rule
(show unto others pure love, children)
Harmony of our diversity
Means accoutability
The sacrifice been paid
The price, 'nuff blood shed
To beg us to see
(be true indeed, true indeed, yeah)

Action attack
Social welfare cutbacks
Klans without hats runnin' prison camps
Peelin' caps
Of mumia's, gonzolo's, peltier's & geronimo pratts
Beat down and shot in the back
Over some don't cross the border crap
Now how we act
Ain't up to us
If trully be in God we trust
But must we stand for the lust
To make our ducs and live
Big up rauf-move ona move
Ya dig

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