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D : DJ CLUE : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Nature Freestyle

Nature Freestyle

You ready for this,huh I don't think ready for this.

4106, this one
Thought it was hopeless
Remain motionless
Focus on ways to escape the vultures
You know the culture
Stackin' papers natures
Takin' over
It's just your basics
In the world full of snakes and cobras
Play the frontline
Never speak when I'm vexed
Keep my business in the streets
Rock a crease in my guess
See as I see
Bless my son
To test that dry weed
Til my time come
I shine son
Livin' that high speed
Never to old to eat a biscuit
Watch my livest foes with quickness
Deny their whole existence
But only three can change a grown man
Some niggas will change their style
And flip on their fam
It's funny how
Some niggas flip on a funny style
Grillin me crazily
Cause they lady
Want me now
In a born god
Its all hard
Desperado style
Clutchin a bottle
Pushin a foreign car
The firm clique
You don't know
You better learn quick
We rumblin
While niggas push coke
I vote republican
Sign of the times
Treed down, I'm worth a diamond mine
Keep the torch lit
Excel while others forfit
Usin clue to get to you
Gotta get it off kid

Dj clue:
Yah yah(echoing), dj clue(echoing)

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