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D : DJ CLUE : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни F*** Beanie

F*** Beanie

When I met u ,u was on my dick jigga gave u his old bentlys now your on some
Shit and I don't know where they found you sun but since your pops ain't around
Ima punish u and ground u sun and niggaz cant stand u sigel your flow is mine
Anyway so don't bite the hand that feed you and niggaz that gased u is ass to
Trust me them niggaz don't wanna shoot 5 dog they rusty believe or not ghetto is
Mines and when I see ima put your corn roes on the yellow lines I got niggaz in
Philly where been where you live fuck scareface my bullets hit women and kids
Worst mistake was tryin for me and u can get your baby gorillia with you he
Dying for free how I'm stntin on a disco beat,and u a fag your next rhyme should
Be on the sisqo beat and I hate beans but fuck it kiss gone eat just me and you
Fuck the labels lets go street and your rap fans need me I don't know why this
Nigga talkin all vreezy cuz macks jam e-z.fuck what u thinkin nigga fat stinkin
Nigga,haha -what bitch wanna lay wit u front nigga I could get u murked in a
Day o
R two no brades tha only ones left is a braid or two,u forget reason why u
Signed to the roc iz cuz u listen and u watch and listen to the lox all it
Takes is a gun and a bomb u wanna take it hard knock life till I'm huggin your
Moms and I ain't makin no more songs neither so when I shoot em in his face i
Dont wanna hear that I'm wrong neither,hold that suck my dick fagget none of
Yall niggaz cant fuck wit kiis it's tha j_to tha a,d_to tha a y'all niggaz is
Pussy y'all don't want no gun plizay,sigels not real to me therefore he dosent
Exsist vamuush sun of a kiss

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