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D : DJ BOBO : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Like a Bird

Like a Bird

I would do anything if I could fly
Escape into the sky
I'm feeling like a bird
I would do anything if I could see
The world in harmony
I'm feeling like a bird

Chorus b:
I'm feeling like a bird
I spread my wings and fly away
I'm feeling like a bird
I close my eyes my dreams come true for one day

Vers 1:
In these days,
Don't know what's right or wrong
The world has gone to far
I found a little something to hold on
And then I see a rainbow shining through the clouds
See the birds are flying, they are free no doubt
And imagine it's me, imagine it's me
I wish I would have wings

Vers 2:
Tell me why, this circle never ends
When will we ever learn
All the cultures in this world come to one sense
But then I see the children playing in the street
Will they have a future, and enough to eat
And I close my eyes, I close my eyes
I hope my dreams comes true

Free, free like a bird
What is this world without love
Free, free like a bird
From high above

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