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D : DIVINE : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Missing U

Missing U

I ain't missing you, don't care what you do
You're the one who left me crying sad and lonely
I ain't missing you, what we had is through
I ain't missing you at all

Call me on the phone thinkin' that I'd be home
It's as if you feel that I have no life without you
But I got news for you baby, i'm moving on
I ain't singing no sad song yeah, yeah

[repeat chorus]

I guess you never thought someone could take your place
Love me better and kiss all the hurt you gave away
Never been happier baby since you been gone
I ain't singing no sad song

[repeat chorus]

All the things you put me through
Couldn't be made up in a lifetime
Had to step back and find myself
Now I know how to love so much better

[repeat chorus]

You thought that when you left me
I'd be missing you but it isn't true
You thought that when you left me
I'd be missing you but I isn't true

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