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D : DEVON : Caged Bird

Caged Bird
Текст песни Moderation


I'm not about moderation
You better get used to the ride
Up and down and sideways
Spinning, spinning all around ....

When I get a craving, it has to be met
I haven't met a man who can handle me yet
I'm the good girl who saves it all up
And then she likes to ....

I'm not about moderation (x3)
No ....

I'm about eating peanut butter out of the jar
And driving way over the speed limit in my car
Some may think I take it too far, but

I'm not about moderation (x3)
No ....

Some days are easier
Some days I can barely stand myself
Some days I'm in love with life
Or I don't remember how it felt to be happy

I'm about love or hate, no in between
I'm about starving or eating too much
I'm the type who like to rush
There's no such thing as a small crush
They're full blown, 'cause

I'm not about moderation (x3)
No ....

I want it all now -- don't have time to waste
Do it all in haste
If patience is a virtue
I'll see you in hell

I'm too fat, too thin, too fast, too slow
I'm never in control
I'm too good, too bad, too shy, too bold
Oh, you've got to know

I'm not about moderation
I'm about driving, driving
Way over the speed limit in my car
I'm not about moderation
No .....

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