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D : DEBORAH COX : Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox
Текст песни Sentimental


I used to mess around but I never let it get intimate 'cause I didn't take you serious babe now to be without your love only makes me realize what I could have had in you, honey

2-now that you're gone I want you more I said it slapped me on my face and then my friends don't understand because I had the chance, I don't know why

3-I'm going crazy alone in a daze and my heart ain't the same and I don't even think unless I think about you that's the only time I get sentimental, yeah that's the reason why baby I can't let
You, yeah (rpt 1)

I miss you day and night seems like you're still here I'd rather be together honey, oh now that I'm lost for words I can't believe I'm on my own I should've been looking at love (rpt 2, 3, 3, 1,
, 3, 3, 1...)

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