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D : DEBORAH COX : Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox
Текст песни Call Me

Call Me

Someone who loves you wants to give you all you've been searching for I've been here waiting you don't have to look around anymore don't you know, to you I'd give my all? ill dry those tears when
Fall if you, just ask me to my best I'll do

-2- wont you call me boy whenever you need me (whenever you need me) don't be afraid to say what's on your mind (tell me what's on your mind) when you need those loving arms to hold you (call me
E phone) wont you call me I'll be there (ill be right there) just to show you that I care

-3- I know, I know it's not easy baby when you've gotta carry the hurt inside but you can depend on me cause I'll always be there right by your side you should know that when it comes to my love
Ladly give, give it all to you just ask me to, I'm here for you

-repeat 2- -repeat 2-

Dont you know if you show me your emotions I'll do the best I can to try to understand so let go you'll be safe with me don't be afraid now baby cause I'll be right there for ya cause you know th
U can trust me with your heart

-repeat 2-

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