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D : DEAD MOON : Thirteen Off My Hook

Thirteen Off My Hook
Текст песни Kicked Out- Kicked In

Kicked Out- Kicked In

When I was 16 I was kicked out of school
They couldn't dig my anti-social attitude
When I was 20 looking for a job
They told me kid, you got hair too long
And things ain't changed a lot since way back when
I'm still a loner without many friends
Kicked out - kicked in, I can't open the door

When I got older and I learned the truth
Some things don't matter if they ain't no use
If you can't get there without playing games
Or pointing fingers at who's to blame
I'm only human but time will tell
Who's sold out and who is for sale
Kicked out - kicked in, I can't open the door

Now muddy water's running through my brain
That deep depression's coming on again
It's no secret why I'm so damn down
It's how you end up in the underground
I can't remember how I fell out of sight
It's like I'm on the other sight of the light
Kicked out - kicked in, I can't open the door

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