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D : DEAD MOON : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Animal


Mechanical wires and hidden desires
Gets you so tired, realise you've been fired
Your ambition, your position is lost
Your the hostage working for the new age
The force of unthinkers, the system dog
The concrete line, the sex-drive unit
The trenches of agony, yeah

Your just an animal with no way out
Your getting restless everyday

Population, extermination
The desease to expire, it's a deperate fix
The damaged are screened
By a steel machine
They just hook you into the chair
But don't you worry 'bout the sweat on your brow
Your dangerous now, you can't get a job
The panic crunch-you just better run
Your marked, you're a target, a victim

Your just an animal with no way out
Your getting restless
Your getting restless everyday

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