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D : DEAD MOON : Crack in The System

Crack in The System
Текст песни The Dead Line

The Dead Line

Welcome to the riot, it's saturday night
I'm workin' on red eyes but I'm feeling alright
Ain't it like a living end, and burning like a flame
I take it to the limit before the glory fades
You say our music's brainless-boring punk rock
A psychedelic nightmare, but when they gonna stop
Andrew's on daniel's, toody's on bliss
It's all I ever wanted, the best it ever gets
My head's a little scattered 'cause I'm working on the dead line

There's a panic going backstage, something just broke
Edwin's got a flashlight, looking through the smoke
Monitors squeeling and I just broke a string
And andrew's got beer sprayed all over everything
Someone tripped the power, the lights are going dim
People hanging outside trying to get in
Toody's yelling something, I must be out of tune
That's the least of my problems, can't hear nothing in this room
My head's a little scattered 'cause I'm working on the dead line

Yeah, my life's a broken wire but I'm getting my kicks
Another night of chaos with edwin on the mix
Time to load equipment, where the hell did andrew go ?
Weeden's got the t-shirts, and records on the floor
Hans and ruud are talking, man, I need a cigarette
They say we're playing vera, if we don't get in a wreck
Toody holds the lighter, when someone has to ask
So why's the candle burning ? cause nothing ever lasts
My head's a little scattered 'cause I'm working on the dead line

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