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D : DAVID HASSELHOFF : Без сортировки

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Текст песни First Transformation[Jekyll Hyde]

First Transformation[Jekyll Hyde]

I must be wise
I must try to analyze
Each change in me,
Everything I see-
How will it be ?
Will I see
The world
Through different eyes ?

Like a warning light,
Glimmering in red,
Like crimson bloodshed,
Shimmering in red,
Beautiful and strange,
See the colours change
Before my eyes !
See how they dance
And they sparkle,
Like diamonds at night-
Leading me out of the darkness
And into the light !

Three fifty-eight am. it is done. I have injected 5 centilitres of the newly fused formula. a slight feeling of euphoria. light-headedness. no noticeable behavioral differences.

Now the die is cast !
Nothing left to do...
Time alone can prove
My theories true...
Show the world i...

Dear God ! what is this !

Something is happening-
I can't explain-
Something inside me-
A breathtaking pain-
Devours and consumes me-
And drives me insane !

Something is
Taking hold !

Filling me !-
Killing me !-
Suddenly -
Out of breath !
What is this ?
Is this death ?

Look at me !-
Can it be ?
Who is this
That I see ? !

Free !!

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