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D : DAVID HASSELHOFF : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Confrontation[Jekyll Hyde]

Confrontation[Jekyll Hyde]

Lost in the darkness,
Silence surrounds you.
Once there was morning,
Now endless night.

I will find the answer,
I'll never desert you-
I promise you this-
Till the day that i...

Do you really think
That I would ever let you go ?
Do you think I'd ever set you free ?
If you do I'm sad to say,
It simply isn't so.
You will never get away from me !

All that you are
Is a face in the mirror !
I close my eyes and you'll disappear !

I'm what you face
When you face in the mirror !
Long as you live, I will still be here !

All that you are
Is the end of a nightmare !
All that you are is a dying scream !
After tonight,
I shall end this demon dream !

This is not a dream my friend-
And it will never end !
This one is the nightmare that goes on !
Hyde is here to stay,
No matter what you may pretend-
And I'll flourish long after you're gone !

Soon you will die,
And my silence will hide you !
You cannot choose but to lose control

You can't control me !
I live deep inside you !
Each day you'll feel me devour your soul !

I don't need you to survive,
As you need me !
I'll become whole
As you dance with death !
And I'll rejoice
As you breathe your final breath !

I'll live inside you forever !

No !

With satan himself by my side !

No !

And I know that now and forever,
They'll never be able to seaparate
Jekyll from hyde !

Can't you see
It's over now ?
It's time to die !

No not I !
Only you !

If I die
You die, too !

You'll die in me
I'll be you !

Damn you hyde !
Set me free !

Can't you see,
You are me ?

No !
Deep inside- !

I am you !
You are hyde !

No - never !

Yes forever !

God damn you, hyde !
Take all your evil deeds,
And rot in hell !

I'll see you there, jekyll !

Never !

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