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Текст песни Alive[Jekyll Hyde]

Alive[Jekyll Hyde]

What is this feeling
Of power and drive
I've never known ?
I feel alive !

Where does this feeling,
Of power derive,
Making me know
Why I'm alive ?
Like the night it's a secret,
Sinister, dark, and unknown,
I do not know what I seek,
Yet I'll seek it alone !

I have a thirst
That I cannot deprive,
Never have I felt so alive !

There is no battle
I couldn't survive-
Feeling like this-
Feeling alive !

Like the moon an enigma,
Lost and alone in the night
Damned by some heavenly stigma,
But blazing with light !

It's the feeling of being alive !
Filled with evil but truly alive !
It's the truth that cannot be denied !
It's the feeling of being
Edward hyde !

Reprise 1 :

Animals trapped behind bars at the zoo
Need to run rampant and free !
Predators live on the prey they pursue !
This time the predator's me !

Lust like a raging desire,
Fills my whole soul with it's curse !
Burning with primitive fire,
Berserk and perverse !

Tonight I'll plunder heaven blind,
Steal from all the gods !
Tonight I'll take from all mankind,
Conquer all the odds !

And I feel I'll live on forever,
With satan himself by my side !
And I'll show the world
That tonight and forever,
The name to remember's
The name edward hyde !

What a feeling to be so alive !
I have never seen me so alive !
Such a feeling of evil inside-
That's the feeling
Of being
Edward hyde !!

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