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Текст песни In Tears Bereaved

In Tears Bereaved

Beautiful, oh web of stars
That looms amid the sons of earth
Enfolds me in thine sylvan arms
That unity's vehement charms
Befalls a weary son of earth

Beautiful, in tears bereaved
In sylphlike sadness, left to bleed
Bewailed upon a bed of thorns,
Impaled, a heart, on sorrow's horns
A seeker's ode to thee I read
My tearful soul thy mourning heed

The stream that leaves thine open wounds;
A life-blood licked by hungry hounds
No verdant balm to soothe our wounds
Wherefore betwixt two worlds I'm torn
Ere thralled by sin I'll die - forlorn

This slumbering world of shallow fools
May one day clasp the cosmic hell
Lest journeymen by earthen rules
Bring forth the truth for which angels fell

To the earth and sky and sea
I call that thou may answer me;
Father of nature, of beast and mankind,
My soul for thy love, my tears for thy pain
...an eden in fire,
What lives shan't remain

For when I live under a different sky,
Beneath the ethereal hills the clouds passing by
Remember the time of which I cried to be part
Remember these words, for they have flown
From my heart.

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