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D : DANZIG : Danzig 4

Danzig 4
Текст песни Going Down to Die

Going Down to Die

And I know
That it's true
All the fire
Has burned thru
Well you know I've played
So hard
And the light
Grows so dim
And my time's getting slim
All the words
Just don't mean much

And I know I'm saying
And I know that I'm going
To die

In my heart
There's a wind
And it swirls up a dim
It's so loud
It drowns my mind
Till the coin that I pass
To the ferryman's grasp
Let's me leave
My pain

So I part
And I'm oh so cold
And I hope to release
My heart
Better leave
While my song still calls
It's the truth
That I'm going
To die

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