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D : DAN MCCAFFERTY : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Caledonia


From the loins of a fisherman
From the harbour of crail he went sailing
And his first born son left the rolling sea
Went into the earth to make his living
No light of the sun did he ever see
And the coal it broke and scarred him
And in his heart was the chilling fear
That same day the mine would take him
But far freedom's fight in the h.l.i.
On a foreign field he was taken
And the pension left in his daughter's hand
Had to love and feed the children
Oh caledonia
Oh caledonia
She quartered at a rose street inn
She favoured the capitals gentlemen
And from shame she saved the family name
Made a husband of a lover
From their union come a rhyming man
With his band he crossed the oceon
And the pride of caledonio
Made his name

Oh caledonia
Oh caledonia

{side two begins}
August, 15, 1989: one hundned men from all over the world sailed
Across the sea, hoping to discover an island somewhere beyond the
Horizon... nowhere-land. they left their wives and children behind,
Hoping that someday they shall follow...

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