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Текст песни Sweet Magnolia

Sweet Magnolia

Two hearts
Throwing off sparks
Young and in love with
Our freedom
Those soft, southern nights
We were both ripe to fall.

I was
Out on my own
Playing for all who
Would listen
You were
As free as a bird
Flying from nest to nest.

But somewhere our eyes met
And our hands reached out
And we felt a kindred spirit
And as our faces touched
I could feel the fire
And needed so to just
Be near it.

Oh, lord
Those moments we soared
Borne on the wings of
Our passion
It seemed then
Like they'd never end
But times like that
Always must.

'cause then one day I flew
Far away from you
I never knew how I'd regret it
My sweet magnolia belle
You know I've loved you well
Even if I never said it.

Magnolia, now I see
That freedom isn't free
And love's the only true
And when this journey's
I'll be coming back for you
If you'll have this
Foolish dreamer.

I spend
A night now and then
Passing through town on
My travels
But someday
I'm gonna come back to stay
Magnolia, I'm coming home.

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