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D : D12 : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Down Low

Down Low


Yeah... this is dedicated to the big broads.

I'm involved with this lady and she weighs 380,
And she barely can fit in my mercedes,
She's takin' my dough, my bank account, lookin low,
And I'm bout to throw her ass out in the snow,
I buy her burgers and steaks, and all type of stuff,
But kfc and ponderosa's just not enough,

Dowwwnn low
Fat ho, keep it on the downnn low
Don't you be tellin your friends,
Keep it on the dowwwn low, fat ho
I thought kfc was enough,
Keep it on the dowwwn low, fat ho
I gave you all my food,

You came to my place high off picardi
Had to learn to strip dance to my boys bachelor party,
She gave me head and broke my bed,
And there's really nothin else to be said

Now keep it on the dowwwn low, fat ho,
Keep it on the downnn low,
I'm tired of shoppin at maryanne plus,
Keep it on the downnnn low, fat ho
Supersized combo,
Keep it on the downnn low fat ho,
? ? a very fat ho ? ?
On the downnn low
You had to go and steal my cheese curls

Keep it on the downnnn low [repeat x 2]

You gotta stop pagin rico
Federation records ain't got my little ? ?
Keep it on the down low

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