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C : CROWDED HOUSE : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Walking on The Spot

Walking on The Spot

All the nights we slip
Slipping down the dark halls
Fingers point from old windows
An errie shadow calls
Walking on the spot
Make sure that I'm alive
Moving every bone in my body
From side to side...

Will we be in our minds when the dawn breaks?
Can we look the milkman in the eye?
The world is somehow different
You have all been changed
Before my very eyes.

Walk around your home
And pour yourself a drink
Fire one more topedo, baby
Wash the kitchen sink
Lounging on the sofa, maybe
See the living room die
Dishes are unwashed and broken
All you do is cry...

Repeat chorus

Instrumental break

Dishes are unwashed and broken
All you do is cry...

Repeat chorus

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