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C : CREE SUMMER : Street Faerie

Street Faerie
Текст песни Life Goes On

Life Goes On

You must think like goes on forever
The way you bide your time
The way you talk too much
The way you stop trying

You believe life goes on forever
The way that the sun sets
The way you feed the fear
The way that you regress

Life after life goes on until it bors you to a death
Even more frightening than being alive
You pretend life goes on forever and a day wasting away

You must think like goes on forever
The way you let it slip away
The way you hide the way you feel
The way you don't feel what you say

Life after life goes on down the road you've walked before
Catering to the complacent habit forming insecure
May the circle be unbroken
By and by lord
By and by

You must think life goes on forever
The way you stay the very same
Life forever pass it on won't you tell your friends
To keep running to the future
While running from the end
The end

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