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C : CRASH TEST DUMMIES : God Shuffled His Feet

God Shuffled His Feet
Текст песни I Think I'll Disappear Now

I Think I'll Disappear Now

Running into you like this without warning
It like catching a sniff of tequila in the morning
But I'll try, I'll try to keep my food down
That's quite and after-taste that yopu've left now that you're not around

You can just pretend we're not in the same room
Well, alright, I'll just mosey to the bathroom
You flew by like a summer vacation
And you left me with tv-movies amd a messy kitchen

I think I'll disappear now, slip out sideways
Just for a while- but until then I'll stay in a sleep late, excuse me

I'll buy a fast car, I'll drive fast from here
There's a beach I haven't seen since last year-
It's far, but I like night drives;
If just makes it nicer where I do arrive

Aren't you going to miss me?
Aren't you goint to even say one thing to me anymore?

Well, you can bet that I'll forget how it was then:
All the drives to your farm for the weekend...
But I've seen the swimsuit magazines
And I've smelled the tequila first thing in the morning

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