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C : COWBOY JUNKIES : Black-eyed Man

Black-eyed Man
Текст песни Winter's Song

Winter's Song

She says, 'it's cold where you brought me'
He says, 'darling, don't worry
You can stay in my arms
Until the springtime comes
We'll let the snow drift around us
And wait for the robin and the crocus
To tell us that our love has again found the sun'

Lone oak stands tall,
Bare arms scratch the sky,
Dry leaves cracking beneath our feet
Hand in hand we've watched
The autumn fires burn -
Summer's dreams collapsing,
Chestnuts in need of gathering,
The whole world lies rotting in the street

Soon we will walk with collars high
Like ramparts raised for the siege
We'll bow to her beauty,
Cower from her fury
Sent as a judgement for a slight
Long past forgotten
Winter's love once again unrequited
Winter's love once again unrequited

She says, 'babe are you sleeping? '
He says, 'no, wide awake and thinking
Of a dream I just had about the two of us
He takes his hand to her cheek now,
His lips to her brow,
Their whispers pile softly
By the foot of the bed

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