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C : CONELLS : Ring

Текст песни Eyes on The Ground

Eyes on The Ground

Really ought to check the hair.
Or maybe you don't care.
Here it comes from the side.
You could see it if you tried.

Ought to check your shoes.
Hey, how about the shoes.
Here they come from the glass,
That you walk by extra fast.

Don't you know that,
You need it sometimes.
Why not go and stare it down?
It's better to see it all as someone,
Who keeps his eyes on the ground.

Nearly bought it all today, like every other day.
Seeing everything so clear, watch out for that...
There's always something that almost turns you 'round.

(repeat chorus)

Don't fail me now, don't forget how,
Don't believe it, leave it.
Gonna get it gonna see.

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