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C : CONELLS : Ring

Текст песни Any Day Now

Any Day Now

Any day now, they'll have you down any way that they please,
Sayin' just about everything.
Any day now, cuz I hear your voice, but it's not the same sound.

All the luck, just in time to see it all come and go,
There goes another one.
Everyday now, I hear the noise, it's not the same sound.
Take you by the hand and pull you around.
I hear your voice, and they watered you down.

As if anything were different in here.
All I know's I'd like to shake it off forever.
If it all turned out the way we knew it wouldn't I'd know.

...not the same sound,
Pat you on the back as they push you around.
I hear your voice and they watered you down.

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